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There are several important things in the lives of many. Perhaps in everyone’s life. They are associated with the need for skills growth.

First. According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sooner or later people have a need for self-actualization and improvement. An environment, such as a colleague or family, can force to develop new skills and strengthen old ones. There are new hobbies associated with self-education. There are new, more precise goals, to achieve which you need to improve your abilities.

The second. I agree with the book “An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization“, where it is noted that people in life work in a second job for which they are not paid. They try to hide their shortcomings, artificially create a good impression of themselves, demonstrate their best qualities. The efficiency of such employees is very low, because they spend energy not on work and leisure, but on maintaining masks, impressions and political games. And first of all the family and the company suffer from this.

Third. According to employers and customers, professional skills (hard skills) make up only 20% of the value of an employee or performer. But most of them fixate only on hard skills, for example, knowledge of a specific version of a specific programming language. Soft skills can also be grown up, for example, learn how to criticize productively or organize a meeting. But they are not thought about or not guessed.

The fourth. Many companies practice a regular assessment of the personal contribution of employees to the common cause. To do this, employees themselves, with the help of colleagues or with the help of the manager, make plans to achive goals for a certain period. Very often, companies provide internal internships or sent staff to refresher courses. All these in order for the team to get the skills required by the company.

Fifth and most important. Synergy. The teams can be 2, 20, 200 or 2,000 members. Among them there can be very effective heroes, supermen. But the effectiveness of the team will remain low so far as inefficient each employee. The caravan goes with the speed of the slowest camel. The team will gain by spreading the skills of effective work to each of its participants.

We came up with online service for improving the skills of the team

We want to create a Uptlo service that can help teams improve their efficiency. Draft draft of the project with a description in Russian on the main page uptlo.com

Uptlo is a tracker of personal and team skills. The service helps to manage the growth of employees, set requirements for team members, select participants according to required skills, distribute the skills to the team members, track the results, show dynamics, take into account participants’ contribution to overall efficiency.

It is planned to keep a record of the increase in the effectiveness of teams and participants, including financial indicators and subjective assessments.
It is planned to use neural networks to offer skills that most quickly increase the effectiveness of participants and teams.
It is planned a coaching and internship to achieve the same set of skills by a group of employees.
It is planned to use ratings and special reports for teams that use the principles of encouraging participants to contribute to the overall efficiency.
A gaming system is planned to support the speed of obtaining and retaining skills, as in Duolingo.

Organizational Details

The service is implemented by a team of novice developers.

Development takes place in remote mode, participants are in different cities. Communication via Slack / Skype / Zoom. As we solve problems, we consider technical and organizational issues in the development of web applications. Product development is conducted in real conditions, without a prepared scenario and test tasks.

Development methodology: Agile.

Technical details

JavaScript + NodeJS + MongoDB + VueJS + LESS + Nuxt + Twitter Boostrap + SocketIO + Git + Ubuntu.
GitFlow is not yet used so that newbies are not confused.
Task Manager – Trello


  • We really miss a developer of the NodeJS
  • You need an administrator to support the production server (Ubutu) and update the product from the repository (git, npm)
  • We need a good experienced JavaScript programmer who would like to learn VueJS and at the same time share knowledge in the team

The requirements for the level of knowledge are minimal. If you do not know something, let’s teach.

An experience

Previous similar projects:

All participants of these projects are already employed for work in interesting specialties, and these projects have become important points in their professional portfolio.

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