WordPress Icons Enricher plugin

I’ve made WordPress plugin to insert icons from Icons8 team and from popular OpenSource packs into the post content at the web sites based on WordPress CMS. With nice UI. With associative search. With semantic search.

  • You don’t have to choose one icon from limitless compboboxes
  • You don’t have to lookup the sheets of tiny pictures when searching for the damn “thumb up”

Enter “like”, “good”, “perfect”, “like”, “thumb”, “approve”, “hand” или “cicling” and get you favorite icon.

/ Sorry for “cicling” – it’s a typo and strange association with icon. I’ll fix and clean wrong associations. /


WordPress Icons with Enricher plugin


Plugin is published at wordpress.org : WordPress Icons with Icons Enricher

I’ve installed it into my blog and this is the example of the icons inserted using plugin.


Could you please to try it and report to me your  feelings: is it good or bad, does it meet your expectations, how it could be better.

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