Services What I offer

Back-End Development

My main competency is a server-side web-application development on PHP, NodeJS and Python.
I will design and realize XML/JSON REST and RPC services, SOA applications with microservice architecture, monolith applications, backends for mobile applications, highload applications. Have a strong skills at object-oriented programming (OOP) and software design patterns. Have a lot of practice in data parsing (HTML/XML) and massive data processing.
I'm good in relational database design (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle). SQL and DDL were my languages before I began to speak ;) I mean speak on English and PHP.

Front-End Development

As a fullstack developer I'm familiar with JavaScript, both client-side (Pure/Native/Vanilla, jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, VueJS, React) and server-side (NodeJS + Express, M.E.A.N. stack), LESS and SCSS.

Web Architect

I will analyze business requirements, choose appropriate technologies, data storages. Will design data exchange formats, describe data flows, describe software architecture in UML.
I will draw mockups and draft prototypes of your web application.


We can't know all technologies and the business requirements may be difficult. I help team to grow up to get required skills and solve your issues.
We will explore existing solutions if exists. We will find experts if exists. We will build the roadmap of study and practice for every team member.
I use best practices in mentoring, that's why I never insist on my visions, just suggest solution I did before. Team are to find, choose and implement their own. If only me have a way to resolve your issue, I'll explain how I've got it so team will get it too.

Team Working

As for the code and for communications, I always do my work for the team.
You and team will never be unaware of what I'm doing. Reports about my work will always be available, in real time. We will not forget anything about what they said.
After my work is done any other developer can understand and support my code. You will never have to rewrite my solution all over again.