Icons8 In detail

Icons8: Greatest SVG icons collection from single design studio
Project name:
Icons8: Greatest SVG icons collection from single design studio
June 2017
Back-End Developer / Tech Leader
Full-time (35 hours a week), remote team

When someone ask "On which technology is based Facebook/Instagram/Google?", never answer "PHP", or "Python", or "C++". Truth is that web-projects are built on spread of technologies.

They are so complex in implementation, as difficult it was to understand. If there are no analogues, if you can't to spy on something, if there is nothing to copy-paste, you have to invent it yourself.

Initial requirements was to build XML RPC service for UI based on AngularJS to allow search, recolor, resize and download icons in SVG and PNG format. My work on this project started with test task, which become a main part of api.icons8.com.

I worked with Icons8 for 3 years. Nowdays it is a greatest icons collection made by single design studio.

Main achievements:

  • 100% remote work. More than 50 online tools to collaborate with remote team about different issues
  • PHP, Python, Ruby, NodeJS backend. Also SASS and AngularJS for frontend a little. And BASH.
  • 3 years of exploitation, from scratch. Design, build and refactor complex web-application
  • Deploy automation
  • Test automation
  • Complex IT infractructure
  • Practice in English both in speaking and writing
  • Getting Things Done, time management and other techniques of task organization
  • Solving the Procrastination Puzzle, Tribal Leadership, Reinventing Organizations, Remote and other useful books not about IT

Icons8 Infractructure