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Diglot: Your Bilingual Books and Articles Shelf
Project name:
Diglot: Your Bilingual Books and Articles Shelf
July 2016
Founder / Tech Leader / Team Leader
Part-time, remote team
Yii 2 framework (PHP), Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery (JavaScript), MySQL, Elastic Search, GitHub API

This is a study web project.

In 2016 I worked with junior web developers as a mentor in web technologies. I found they are not too success in study when work with artificial 1-day tasks. To enforce they skills grow I decided to give him a task to build complex web-application from scratch.

Previously I had made simple CMS to publish bilingual (English / Russian) articles and books.


The next idea was about bilingual Medium - the multi-author CMS, where every author has it's own profile and articles, which could be searched by categories and tags (taxonomy) and using full-text index.

I assembled a team, we had scheduled everyday meetings online. Then we designed database and UI prototype, made a roadmap and distributed the tasks. Every team member should try to work with another. The project was stopped in three months with resolution "Successed". The team got experience in working on a real project. I got experience in managing the team.

All team members have contributed this project into their professional portfolios and are currently employed as web developers in other companies.

I have drawn conclusions for myself
  • Be patient and persistent. Internet may be slow, people may be very slow.
  • Give people a chance to make mistakes even if you sure it is a mistake. Without mistakes people will not study.
  • Always find out how well people understand each other.
  • If you need to do something, find out everything you need to do this and do not hesitate to annoy.
  • Write down everything.
  • It is very difficult to work with someone in remote if one doesn't want to communicate by voice.

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